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Dairy Shed Equipment - Meal Feeding Made Easy

PPP have been designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative agriculture equipment since 1967, Based on this experience PPP can offer you a superior feed system delivering exact quantities of feed in your shed

We are part of a nationwide installation and after sales dealership

Herringbone Feed System

A standard system consists of a silo or hopper, two flexi auger lines – powered by a 1.5kW drive unit, continuous stainless-steel feed troughs, and a dispenser for each bail capable of delivering precise quantities of feed.


  • UV Stabilised feed dispenser.
  • Transparent clear dispensers with easy feed rate adjustments.
  • 8 litres holding capacity per dispenser.
  • Effortlessly handles PKE type feeds

Rotary Feed System

A system consists of a silo or hopper, one to four flexi auger lines – each powered by a 1.5kW drive unit, continuous stainless-steel feed troughs fitted with anti-robbing bars, and an optional high accuracy platform feed dispenser.


  • Multiple auger lines.
  • Easily handles PKE type feeds.
  • PLC control units.
  • Platform sensors identify empty bails or cows doing a 2nd rotation.

Double Auger Line (HB Sheds)

Ideal when you want a super simple meal feeding system but also to feed small amounts of feed. No pull cords, just a simple timer dial to alter feed delivery amount, with a control unit that can be pre-set to herd 1 & 2.


  • Extremely accurate feed rates.
  • No pull handles – a push of a button activates feed dispensing.
  • Easy for staff to operate.
  • Ability to feed as low as 60g per animal or as high as 6kg, with any amount in-between.